Chase Claypool's hydration off the field with No Days Wasted

Chase Claypool's hydration off the field with No Days Wasted

Chase Claypool’s hydration off the field, and health and wellness will be supplemented by No Days Wasted, a company focused on maximizing life’s moments.

Jan. 7, 2020 - No Days Wasted® (NDW Labs Inc.) today announced that standout personality, athlete and Rookie NFL Wide Receiver of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chase Claypool, has joined the brand as an ambassador and spokesperson. Chase will play an active role in demonstrating the benefits of the No Days Wasted brand – specifically, focusing on their new Hydration Replenisher and immune support products.  The goal is to showcase how effectively hydrating off the field and supporting a healthy immune system has been a key part of Chase’s early success in maximizing his moment as a rookie wide receiver in the NFL. Following a company rebrand in October 2020, this strategic partnership and collaboration between Chase Claypool and No Days Wasted is a significant step in the acceleration of providing meaningful, science-backed health and wellness products to a broader audience, so consumers can experience more and maximize life’s moments (the company’s mission). 


“We’re incredibly excited to partner with Chase.” said Nishal Kumar, Founder and CEO of No Days Wasted. “Our parallel story lines of being founded and growing up in Vancouver, Canada and then jumping into the US to grow in front of a larger audience have truly allowed us to align. Chase embodies the work ethic, playfulness and authenticity that is true to our brand – this could not be a better fit. Chase will be a key ambassador for the brand, but will also be in a unique position to offer his insight into new flavors of Hydration Replenisher, as well as input into new products under the brand umbrella of No Days Wasted.”


Having formally launched in 2018, No Days Wasted has grown into a wellness brand that is focusing on functional supplements that use ingredients that have been researched and published in scientific literature as their backbone. The company is most notably known for DHM Detox, a social herbal supplement that assists in the breakdown of alcohol-related toxins. Having recently launched a new brand look and feel, and their second product, Hydration Replenisher – an electrolyte drink-mix with added immune support by way of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc – No Days Wasted is poised to grow within the wellness supplement category.


“I connected with No Days Wasted immediately,” said Claypool. “Teaming up with Nishal and the No Days Wasted team makes a lot of sense because of our shared focus on pushing our limits, being productive and constantly improving, but also because of our roots in the Vancouver area and transition to a bigger stage in the US. In order for me to perform my best long term, I need to keep my health a priority and NDW is the right fit. I love the clean and researched ingredients, and their approach to dialing in on the science with new product development. I can’t wait to share the new flavors we’ve been working on together for Hydration Replenisher.”


As 2021 is set to begin, people will be even more focused on their health and overall wellness. Supplementation and hydration have become an important part of daily routines, and in ensuring people are feeling and performing their best. No Days Wasted provides optimized solutions that can be integrated into daily and weekly routines – helping with resolutions and starting the new year on the right foot. No Days Wasted is excited educate consumers in the US market and break the mold of what a supplement company looks like in 2021.


Chase’s decision to join the No Days Wasted Team, which can be viewed on the company’s YouTube channel here, is the beginning of their partnership and journey together. With this collaboration, they hope to help deliver industry leading products that solve problems around hydration, recovery, immune support and more – so you can simply be your best every day and not waste any days.


About No Days Wasted:

Having officially launched in 2018, No Days Wasted creates and sells unique supplements based on researched and published science. The company’s focus on science has led them to create a well-recognized product in DHM Detox that focuses on healthy liver function and reducing the negative after-effects from alcohol. No Days Wasted’s expansion into the broader wellness category with the release of hydration and immune support products, beginning with Hydration Replenisher, allows them to capture the attention of a wider audience of people who love to experience life, but also do not want to miss out on important moments. The company has focused on a direct-to-consumer model thus far, with goals to break into retail in 2021. For more information, please visit and follow @NoDaysWastedco for social media updates.

SOURCE: No Days Wasted® (NDW Labs Inc.)

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