Drinking and the Sun This Summer – What to Know

Drinking and the Sun This Summer – What to Know

Imagine this – you're off work for the day and it's gorgeous outside. Your friends come over and have a few drinks while catching up and lounging on the patio.  Sounds amazing right? And in all honesty, it really is, however there are few important things to keep in mind so you can enjoy these perfect summer days to the full extent, especially if you choose to consume alcohol.


1. Having a smart plan is key to a great time. If you want to plan an outdoor activity that involves drinking, be sure to assess the situation and how you can maximize your enjoyment of the activity. Just like you may not plan to have a barbeque on the coldest day of the year (I know this does not stop some of us), you may not also want to on the absolute hottest day of the summer. Whether it is drinking or the sun, most things are best in moderation. Keeping a lookout on the weather forecast is always a smart move, so you can plan the perfect day to enjoy the sun and beverage safely.  Days with an overcast could really be the move this summer when wanting to have a drink, as it can still be super warm, and you can limit some of that sun exposure!


2. Alcohol after its initial consumption due to its chemical properties can contribute to more frequent urination. This is important, because this will tend to dehydrate you further, especially if you choose to only consume alcoholic beverages. Mixing in water or beverages known for the hydrating benefits or even diluting your alcoholic drinks can all serve as a good tool to help retain some fluid and improve your hydration overall.  Check out our Hydration (Functional Science) post to learn more about why staying hydrated is so important. We also offer  Hydration Replenisher, which contains essential electrolytes and a sugar boost, to help you battle dehydration and retain more water, especially on those hot summer days.


3. Preparation is essential. If you know you are going to be outside, bring the accessories you know you will need, especially 3 hours into sitting at the beach. Not only are they fashionable but bringing a pair of sunglasses that fit your face well, or a good straw will help protect you from the sun and keep you cool. So, this summer may be the time more than ever to invest in a good pair of UV sunglasses or a brand-new hat to rock. Additionally, make sure to bring and use your sunscreen. A lot of people forget most sunscreens are only designed to last for approximately 120 minutes depending on the brand, so make sure if you are going to be in the sun longer than that, that you reapply that sunscreen!


4. Check in with your friends. Sometimes when you are having a great time, it is hard to imagine that anyone you are with could be feeling any different, and while this is often not the case you should make sure everyone you are with is feeling as good as you. Both alcohol and the sun can affect everyone differently and when this combination is together it is important to be very mindful. This way you can take needed actions to ensure everyone's health and avoid some unwanted circumstances. Additionally, if during any time you start feeling some unfavourable symptoms, do not be afraid to speak up, no one will judge you, I promise. Feelings of general unwell can give a good indication that it is probably a good time to get out of the sun, take the party indoors and enjoy some AC!


5. Engage in sports cautiously while drinking. Due to the nature of drinking itself, often you may not be acting completely yourself especially the more drinks you have. While playing spike ball and having a cold drink on a hot summer day makes for a really great time, if alcohol is involved it may cause you to try harder or extend yourself further then would have, then if not having consumed any alcohol at all. This can become even more important in even more physically strenuous activities, and this where you can start to impose danger to not only yourself with others. So, proceed with caution, while some light activity can be a great way to enhance and make the most of the day and the sun, be sure to check in with yourself and know that there is time in the place. Additionally, since you're probably already dehydrated from consuming alcohol itself you do not want to increase your dehydration even further. 


Lastly, always be safe and use good judgement no matter what the circumstance or situation, remember you do not need to over do it. Also driving a vehicle and operating a boat while having consumed alcohol is both dangerous and criminally illegal so make sure you always have a smart and safe plan. To be sure, check in with your local province / state for all the specific details imposed. Especially when it comes to boating and the regulations associated that perhaps are more unfamiliar. Lastly, No Days Wasted does not encourage binge or excessive drinking. Enjoy this summer, we know here that it has the potential to be safe, promising and a ton of fun!





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