DHM Detox - what is it and how does it work?

DHM Detox - what is it and how does it work?

What is DHM Detox? Is DHM Detox safe? 

DHM Detox is designed to help boost your body’s natural response to when you drink and in turn, it can help with the natural break-down of acetaldehyde.  

Yes it is safe, as it is a herbal blend of adaptogens, antioxidants and vitamins.

What is Acetaldehyde? 

Acetaldehyde is a toxic byproduct of alcohol being metabolized, which takes place in your LIVER [1].  

DHM Detox is centralized around Dihydromyricetin Herbal Extract (DHM) as its backbone, which can be characterized as both a metabolite and an antioxidant [2]. However, DHM Detox also pulls from 3 other key vegetarian ingredients to maximize its effectiveness which include;

- L-Cysteine (Amino Acid)

- Milk Thistle Seed Powder (Herbal Extract)

- Prickly Pear (Herbal Extract)

* More about the potential benefits and research on L-Cysteine, Milk Thistle and Prickly Pear can be found on the No Days Wasted Website.

Life is unique for everyone, with different challenges, commitments, and deadlines. If you need to start feeling better after a few drinks to maximize your next day, then it may not be a bad time to see if DHM Detox can be your solution!

How do I take DHM Detox? How do I maximize its effectiveness?

DHM Detox comes in sharable, convenient packaging containing 2 capsules. To ensure the best results take both capsules the night of consuming any alcoholic beverages, this way the product can get right to work. It’s best to take it as you go throughout your evening.

Additionally, staying hydrated is always important especially while consuming alcohol, as alcohol has been researched heavily on its relationship to contributing to dehydration [3]. Pairing DHM Detox with our Hydration Replenisher can prove to be a great solution to this problem. If you don’t have Hydration Replenisher handy - be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your evening.

Lastly, ensuring you have food in your stomach, or have eaten recently is very important as key enzymes are also released in your stomach. If you don’t have food in your stomach then the alcohol passes into your bloodstream to quickly, which makes it more difficult to break down the toxins.

TLDR ( Too Long Didn’t Read)

Here are the key takeaways in case the blog was too long;

- DHM Detox was created to help reduce the build up of acetaldehyde (a toxic byproduct of alcohol) and may help improve liver function.

- DHM Detox’s key ingredient is Dihydromyricetin - a plant based extract that has been used for centuries (more can be found on our website).

- The product comes in pocket-ready packaging, with two capsules both of which should be taken the night of drinking.

- Make sure you’re well hydrated and have food in your stomach for best results!


Cheers to maximizing all of life’s moments,

Nishal, CEO & Founder


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Also, here are a few more frequently asked questions - which can also be found on our website FAQ.


What does DHM in DHM Detox Stand For?

The DHM in DHM Detox stands for Dihydromyricetin, which we consider the most essential ingredient to the product. Dihydromyricetin (DHM), has been used in Asia dating as far back as a millennium as a herbal medicinal product to assist various of the immediate and long term effects of alcohol [4] .

DHM also classifies as a Flavonoid [5]. A Flavonoid gets their names from being natural plant pigments and their chemical make up (how molecules are attached). Flavonoids have exploded in the health maintenance industry as they have shown an alternative solution to try and upkeep good health through herbal based means [6]. Additionally, flavonoids' recent popularity also stems from the fact that they have shown that they can be an anticancer and anti-oxidation ingredient [6].


Where can I buy DHM Detox?

DHM Detox can be bought online at the No Days Wasted website. It is sold separately, via monthly subscription or in a bundle with some of the other No Days Wasted products such as the Hydration Replenisher. For retail locations, please email us at info@nodayswasted.co.


Is DHM Detox only sold in Canada?

While No Days Wasted is a Canadian company that originates out of Vancouver, British Columbia. No Days Wasted distributes their products out of the USA and ships internationally. 

Are there Side Effects to DHM Detox?

Dihydromyricetin has clinically been used in the dosage range of 100-650 mg/kg of body weight, when fighting hangovers [7]. DHM Detox is a recovery blend that contains the most DHM per capsule - which is well over 450mg per capsule. One thing to note is that if you suffer from allergies, especially to herbal products it is always a good idea to consult a physician or medical professional. 


Is DHM Detox a good hangover cure?

DHM Detox is not advertised as a hangover cure, and the company does not encourage binge drinking or irresponsible behavior. However, what it does do is use plant based and scientific researched ingredients to immediately fight some of the unfavourable internal side effects of alcohol consumption. It then pairs this with dihydromyricetin's ability to help contribute to suppressing the glutamate rebound caused by alcohol, which can lead to improving sleep the night of having a few drinks. However, the product is intended to help provide balance and may assist with  minimizing the damage of harmful toxins.


Is DHM Detox FDA Approved?

Supplements in the USA are not required to have approvals, as they are not drugs. DHM Detox is a supplement that is manufactured in an FDA registered facility and is cGMP and contains GRAS ingredients (Generally Recognized As Safe), which allows it to be sold without additional approvals.

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