Hydration Replenisher Best Practices

Hydration Replenisher Best Practices

Hydration Replenisher is our newest product to the NDW family and I want to share why we thought it was important to create for our community and some best practices based on how I use it.


Hydration Replenisher is a blend of electrolytes (sodium and potassium), immune support vitamins (Vitamin C, D and zinc - the 3 most important in that role) and B complex. We've chosen a watermelon lemonade flavor that has a refreshing, crisp taste without an overbearing flavor intensity. The main focus is to help you rehydrate to avoid fatigue and keep you functioning optimally. Our secondary focus is to provide a boost to your immune system.


Here's how things usually look for me...


I like to start every morning with a coffee, but often times I’m dehydrated after having slept for 6-8 hours and not having not drank any water during that time.


Before my morning coffee, I’ll pour 16 oz of water into my bottle and mix in Hydration Replenisher and finish it right away to start my day. I used to drink lemon water with a bit of salt first thing, but after a few weeks, I realized I could do better.


Around 2 or 3pm most days, I’ll feel like start to hit a wall and lose productivity. My initial response is that I need more coffee, but actually that will just dehydrate me more and keep me awake way too late into the evening. Instead, I’ll drink a full 16 oz of water with Hydration Replenisher, rather than grabbing another coffee. What I found is properly hydrating gives me the boost I need to feel great until the end of my day.

Here are the main use cases for when I find Hydration Replenisher makes the biggest impact for me.

- Right when I wake up. This is even more important if I’ve had a few drinks the night before. Note: I always take DHM Detox while drinking, which does 80% of the heavy lifting in helping you feel better.

- Early afternoon when I’m hitting a wall.

- During or immediately post workout (before eating/protein).

- While traveling – during a long car ride/road trip or during/after a flight.


With the single serve packets, you can easily toss a packet into your bag, purse or pockets to keep you prepared for what the day brings. Ultimately, the goal is to fight dehydration and boost your immune system throughout the day.


If you have any questions, I'm here to help, so feel free to shoot me an email at ceo@nodayswasted.co


Until next time,

Nishal Kumar, CEO & Founder

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